Application Of High-pressure Quick Joints


The use of high-pressure quick joints is very wide, agricultural watering wheat fields, vegetable fields of the water joint, for high-pressure pump and water belt connection, with good pressure resistance, is a good partner of vegetable farmers and farmers!

Agriculture: cold storage, greenhouse sheds, livestock breeding, flower nursery, edible bacteria cultivation, greenhouse cultivation, fruit and vegetable preservation, prevent static electricity, disinfection, haze prevention and control, dust and other humidification, cooling.

Industry: textile plant, cigarette factory, electronic plant, paper factory, printing plant, automotive coating plant, wood (furniture) processing plant, fire (explosion) drug production plant, such as humidification; In addition, high-pressure quick joints also have the use of landscape creation, landscape fog: suspended in the air of ultra-fine fog particles like clouds and smoke with the wind, looming, to create a fascinating landscape effect, while ultra-fine fog particles contain a large number of negative ions, increase the oxygen content of the air, greatly create and improve people's living and living environment.


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