2023 Medline Hydraulic in Shanghai International Industrial Cleaning Exhibition ICLEAN



Shanghai International Industrial Cleaning Exhibition (ICLEAN) is the only professional industrial cleaning exhibition in Asia. It provides a precise and professional platform for industrial parts cleaning and surface cleaning, catering to the needs of the current and future markets. It is an excellent stage for ultra-precision cleaning technology, providing trade, display, communication and learning opportunities for the industry through various forms such as exhibitions and professional technical forums.


With the continuous improvement of precision requirements in modern processing, ultra-precision cleaning has become the core work procedure in the processing process and the link to create higher value. Trends in modern manufacturing such as circular economy, industry 4.0, miniaturized production, ultra-high precision , Lightweight, etc. have brought new challenges to the cleanliness of industrial parts and surfaces, as well as efficient and sustainable cleaning.


Time: March 22-25, 2023


Address: Shanghai International Sourcing Convention and Exhibition Center


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