2019 China (Luohe) Hydraulic Technology Industry Development Conference Opens


On October 11, the 2019 China (Luohe) Hydraulic Technology Industry Development Conference opened in Luohe City. Deng Yali, President of China Rubber Industry Association, attended the opening ceremony, and Hao Huijie, Secretary of Luohe Municipal Party Committee attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech.

Luohe City will take this conference as an opportunity to solidly promote the construction of China (Luohe) Hydraulic Technology Industrial Park. As a national economic and technological development zone, China (Luohe) Hydraulic Technology Industrial Park is being constructed. It is a major strategic measure of Luohe Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government to promote the high quality development of Luohe hydraulic technology industry.

The total planned area of the park is 2 square kilometers. It has been approved as a provincial demonstration park for the transformation and development of equipment manufacturing industries. It mainly builds intelligent workshops, product research and development and public service platforms, hydraulic supporting product sales centers, testing and inspection centers, e-commerce centers, and supporting Material center and warehousing logistics distribution center.

The park implements a unified land acquisition, planning, and construction operation model, tailoring various standardized factories and supporting service facilities for the enterprises to be settled in, and cultivate and bring a number of key enterprises that have relatively complete industrial chains ,complete core competitiveness and strong innovation drive through 3-5 years of efforts,will make Luohe Economic And Technological Development Zone into the most influential "hydraulic capital" in China.



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